Los entrenamientos de Michie Peachie ponen a volar la imaginación


Específicamente no sabemos cómo se llama esta chica. En su cuenta de Instagram se llama Michie Peachie. Pero eso es lo de menos. Lo que realmente interesa es el material que comparte en la mencionada red social.

Esta chica es reparador físico, así lo especifica en su perfil. El hecho es que constantemente sube sus entrenamientos. Pero estos no son comunes y corrientes porque ella los realiza siempre con muy poca ropa. Así que estamos seguros que todo el que la ve pone a volar la imaginación. Usted se preguntará por qué. La respuesta es sencilla. Michie Peachie tiene unas piernas y unos glúteos alucinantes. Evidentemente producto de sus rutinas de ejercicio.

Michie Peachie es una referencia en el mundo del fitness. En Instagram, donde tiene más de un millón de seguidores, la siguen famosas como Thalía, Michelle Lewin, Angelique Boyer, Natasha Araos, entre otras.

A continuación disfrute de las mejores fotos de esta mujer y de sus entrenamientos más hot.

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QUARANTINE FULL BODY 🔥 DB 🥰 Today I listened to Frank Sinatra while I worked out… like a f*cking psychopath. So I thought I’d invite you to the madness and share a little frank sinatra in this video. – (FOR THE GIRLS ASKING👉🏻 this outfit and all the outfits i wear are from @bombshellsportswear , you never have to ask… the answer will always be Bombshell Sportswear 😂) This routine is for all my girls out her who have dumbbells at home 💪🏻 ROUTINE 4 sets: 1️⃣incline leg curls, hold on to the back of the couch to position yourself at an incline. Grasp a dB tightly between your feet and curl up. Reps to failure 2️⃣renegade rows with pushups, get into plank position. Brace each hand holding onto a dB. Do a push up and then perform a row with each arm. Repeat. Reps until failure 3️⃣oblique lunges, perform wide leg alternating lunges while twisting your torso when you lunge down. Reps until failure 4️⃣squatting isolation curls. Squat down to get comfortable. Place each elbow on each knee. Pivot off your elbow, pushing off your knee, in order to isolate your biceps while you curl. Reps until failure. 5️⃣SL calf raise while doing wall sits. Get into a wall sit. Stack both dumbbells together on one knee to increase your weight per calf. Do cal raises and then repeat on other leg. Reps until failure 6️⃣shrugs, brace your core and stand should width apart. Keep arms at your side. Begin to shrug both shoulders and move nothing else. Reps until failure – #quarantinelife #dumbbellworkout #dumbbellworkouts #dumbellworkout #dumbellworkouts #athomeworkouts #homeworkout #fullbodyworkout #fullbodyworkouts

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QUARANTINE FIT FACT: you will not start to lose muscle gains until after two weeks of not training. The physical size loss that you may see before that time, will not actually be loss of muscle.. it’s only a drop in your glycogen levels and water inside your muscle. This is easily replaced. BUT it’s important to keep your muscles moving and working, to avoid atrophy after the two week period and in order to keep up your “pump” and tone. This means you don’t necessarily need to be doing heavy lifting or weights. Body weight and low resistance workouts are all you need for this time and are sufficient enough to keep your gains from slipping for this short period of time we are in quarantine! Keep active! Try new things! Even doing body weight and new types of exercises will be a challenge for the “I only lift heavy weights” gym goers because it will all be new to your muscles and you will be shocked when you feel the burn the next day 😂 – Stay motivated, stay strong 💪🏻 – Above is a photo of my muscle butt🤣🍑 I’m 100% glutes. My body stores NO FAT on my butt. I literally grew a butt and along with this physique. I’m a damn muscle building expert, and I’m here to tell you it’s gonna be ok. Just listen to my advice above, and try some of the free workouts I’ll be posting. You got this girl🙌🏻 – #gluteworkout #realbooty #quarantine #quarantined #quarantinelife #musclebuilding #homefitness #homefit #homeworkouts #facts

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